Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So What Next For Villanova?

The end of last night's game wasn't fun. I was quiet about the expectations for said game because I thought there was a good chance it would be very close, and I knew that it was possible that Villanova could lose.

So what is next for the 'Cats? It's really anyone's guess.

They could do what they've been doing all season and play to the level of their competition and win one or possibly two of their remaining regular season games, or they could totally lay an egg and lose their next two games plus their first Big East Game. Now last night's loss obviously left them even less margin for error than before, so they likely have to win two of their next three games. Luckily for Villanova, if either of those wins is against Pitt or Georgetown, there is very little that can happen to keep them out of the NCAA Tournament. Will they win any games for the rest of the season? Who knows.

We do know that Villanova has been crap on the road and very good at home, particularly when playing at the Wells Fargo Center, where they have yet to lose. That is why I think the Georgetown game is huge. A win at Pitt this Sunday would be a much bigger deal than a home Georgetown win, but it is about ten times less likely to occur.

It's also a good time to reflect on how much this young team has improved.

Oh yeah, congratulations are in order to Mouphtaou Yarou for reaching the 1,000 point plateau last night.

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