Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Babycats Are Making Me Excited

The pitfalls of Villanova over the last few years have been mostly to blame on a porous defense. That has changed this year, because they have suddenly morphed into a team that plays elite defense, despite an offense that struggles to score at times. One thing that we know about defense is that young teams tend to be pretty crappy at it. The 2013 Villanova Wildcats are currently ranked higher defensively by Ken Pomeroy's computer (36th) than any Villanova team since the 2009 Final Four team. Obviously there are some offensive deficits, but even that is getting better.

Think about this: The current rotation only has one senior and a junior logging regular minutes, which means that the rest of the team are either freshmen or sophomores, and Dylan Ennis hasn't contributed yet, but he'll only be a sophomore yesterday. I've been quiet about this, but I have it on good word that the staff are absolutely giddy about Ennis, they think that he might even be the best player on the team, and they're blown away by his attitude, which is not something that would have ever been said about noted aloof person Taylor King even if he could knock down an open jump shot. 

One player who deserves an immense amount of credit for the turnaround this year is Mouphtaou Yarou. A large portion of the Villanova fan base was willing to run Mouph out of town for what they perceived as his deficiencies, but ever since Big East play began, Mouph has been the second best player on the team behind only Darrun Hilliard. Having a big man who makes free throws at a rate usually reserved for guards and doesn't get into foul trouble is indispensable. Because of that, an argument could be made that Mouphie is the MVP of the team.

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  1. No matter what Ennis brings next year (and I hope the skills are as good as you hear) the attitude part has my very excited. The reason I love these guys so much is because they care about each other. Right down to the walk ons. Yes, I want skilled guards badly. But if it is just skill, then forget about it. We have seen what a leadership vacuum can do. It can destroy a program. Finally, last year was not a rebuilding year. No way. It was a year to get through. I can't thank Jay enough for all he does for Villanova. Your blog is pretty money too. GO CATS!!!