Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Video: Get To Know the Villanova Basketball Team

Second part after the jump, with some highlights

Some interesting snippets:
  • Mislav Brzoja's English is better than most of the players on Syracuse.
  • Daniel Ochefu's favorite athlete is Aly Raisman, and Ryan Arcidiacono's is Steve Nash. 
  • Brzoja likes handball.
  • Mouphie's favorite movie is Madagascar. I find that awesome. Unsurprisingly, He Got Game (A Spike Lee Joint) seems to be popular among members of the team.
  • Martin is really popular on the Villanova basketball team. Mouph said that his favorite TV show was Prison Break. One of my all time favorites. JVP likes Law & Order: Criminal Intent, which I'm just going to have to disagree with him about.
  • Ash Yacoubou sounds uncannily similar to Corey Fisher.
  • Villanova needs a better video editor, because the segments are out of order, and I think one is repeated.
  • Professional basketball player seems to be a popular aspirational profession. That's surprising.

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  1. no comment on JVP claiming he'd box if he didn't play basketball? disappointed.