Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NFL teams should be beating down Norman White's door

During Norman White's career at Villanova, there were not many opportunities to catch passes. Sure, the team threw the ball, but it was generally as a means of creating running lanes. So White's primary responsibilities on the football field during his college career were not as a receiver, but as a blocker. Despite this reality, which a lot of receivers do not relish, Norman was able to distinguish himself not only as a blocker, but also as a receiver, finishing his career as one of the most prolific wide receivers in Villanova history from a statistical perspective. If Norman White had played for Villanova ten years earlier, he'd be a mid round pick in the NFL draft, even with his concerning injury history and unspectacular 40 yard dash times.

The fact that White has not even gotten a mini camp invite yet shows that someone has not been doing their homework. Here is a selfless player who produced in college, that NFL teams were interested in since the beginning of his junior year, but all the sudden they cease being interested?

If I was an NFL coach, Norman White is exactly the kind of player that I would want in my camp. 

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