Thursday, April 18, 2013

Villanova Does Not Have A Transfer Problem

When the news broke today that Tony Chennault is tranferring, the narrative among some fans that Villanova has seen an unprecedented number of transfers reared its ugly head, and that means that Jay Wright and the program is in some sort of turmoil.

Narratives like that are only true for the small but vocal number of people who choose to believe them. The fact is that transfers are up everywhere, and unless the kids who are transferring are saying bad things about the coach, the program, or the school, there is nothing to be worried about. In most of these cases, the students transferring out seem to be parting with the school amicably, and the school is not putting up roadblocks to prevent them from transferring.

Also notice that the people who are being alarmist are the same people who said that Tony was a crappy player. Some people dislike Jay Wright for some unfathomable reason, so you should probably just ignore them.

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