Thursday, May 2, 2013


That is the record of the Villanova baseball team this season

Something needs to change.


  1. Well, there are two options:

    (1) Move Villanova to the south (I would be okay with that); OR

    (2) Work something out between the new Big East, Big Ten, and other northern baseball conferences to schedule and compete separately from the southern schools.

    1. That doesn't explain why Seton Hall and St. John's, two schools that Villanova dwarves in just about every other sport are perennial contenders.

    2. Or that Notre Dame does much better as well (I would argue a more harsh climate up there when spring arrives).

    3. Notre Dame has BCS football and tons of cash. They're good at basically everything.

    4. SHU and St. John's also (likely) have lesser admissions requirements, and fewer qualms about running off players who don't fit to make room for the next big thing.

      Even then, none of them are going to win a CWS anytime soon.

      I mean, you can throw money at baseball, fire the coach, etc., but being in the north and putting an emphasis on graduation rates and academics is going to hamper performance as much as anything else.

      In fact, Nova has the advantage of being able to "borrow" scholarship players from Football (or farm one off to count against football in some cases), that SHU and SJU don't have.