Monday, May 6, 2013

Blech: Villanova and Syracuse to continue rivalry

Do not get me wrong, beating Syracuse is always a great feeling, and I greatly enjoy rooting against them, but when I found out that Villanova will continue their series against the Orange, I was angry.

Why was I angry? Well, it starts from the fact that Syracuse killed the Big East. It basically ends with that too, but I also think that Syracuse gets much more out of this arrangement than Villanova does. Now Jim Boeheim has an extra arrow in his quiver by being able to tell recruits from the Philadelphia area that their parents will be able to see them play more often.

If we know what Syracuse gets out of it, then what does Villanova get out of it aside from a boost in the non-conference strength of schedule? The answer to that is nothing really aside from a game that could draw, but there are plenty of other programs that do that, and most of them didn't stab Villanova in the back.

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