Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Enough with the bullshit: Boycott Radnor businesses

Villanova's plans to expand along Lancaster Avenue were dealt a decisive blow by Radnor township last night,when the planning commission voted 8-1 to deny Villanova's proposal after listening to public comment on the issue (See: Protecting your ass).

This comes after more than a year of stalling Villanova, asking for more plans, giving the school false hope that the plans would be approved, in addition to the normal Radnor-Villanova chicanery. Those of us who have been around forever should not be surprised by this turn of events, but things have finally reached the point where decisive action must be taken by the Villanova community.

One of the main issues with this whole situation is the total ignorance that Radnor and its residents have on the sizable economic impact that Villanova students have on the local economy. The fact that Radnor businesses are willing to accept the Wildcard despite the fact that it's a huge pain in the ass is prime evidence of this.

So what can be done about this problem? The simplest remedy would be to keep your money away from Radnor's ungrateful hands. This means no more shopping in Radnor stores, no more renting properties in Radnor, and no more parking in parking lots in Wayne that are where quarters go to die.

This is not an easy decision due to the convenience of certain Radnor businesses. It's unfortunate that these business owners are the people who would have to bear the brunt of the mess, but a portion of every dollar you spend in Radnor will end up in Radnor's coffers in one way or another, so it's time to start denying them that.

If Radnor business owners begin to feel the hurt and make noise about it, the township will be put in a position where they will have to capitulate to Villanova's eminently reasonable demands or risk having businesses flee.

It's time to treat these jerkoffs with the same contempt they've been showing Villanova for decades.

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