Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Radnor NIMBYs have resorted to an online petition

A "new" group calling themselves "Friends To Preserve Radnor" (not to be confused with Right Plan For Radnor, I guess) has popped up expressing its opposition to Villanova's eminently reasonable plans for expansion.

This new group is circulating an online petition imploring Radnor to say no to granting Villanova a one time zoning exemption claiming that it would allow any Radnor institution to build at will, which is absolutely not true.

Their claim:
If passed, this will change Radnor Township, our community, and our way of life irrevocably. We want to preserve Radnor for now and for future generations.
This amendment will have an immediate negative impact to our Township, as the proposed build would increase density, traffic, noise and sound pollution, and decrease our quality of life.
This amendment would allow any educational institution within Radnor Township to build beyond the current parameters of the building/zoning codes, such as increasing building heights from 3 stories to 5 stories and decreasing setbacks from streets from 120 ft to 38 ft.
I particularly love the ludicrous argument that moving currently commuting undergraduate students on campus would increase traffic to the university.

Oh yeah, they also have a blog:
In an interesting sidenote, the spearhead behind this new group is comic book artist Rick Leonardi, who has a Wikipedia page, and has drawn for both DC and Marvel during his career. He also must make frequent trips to Comic Con.

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