Monday, May 20, 2013

RIP Ray Manzarek

In my life I have bought very few band t-shirts despite the wide breadth of my musical interests. I do remember the first though, it was one with a picture of a shirtless Jim Morrison on the front that I bought when I was 14. Despite the fact that I'm way too young to be an original fan of theirs, The Doors were one of the first bands I truly appreciated from a purely musical standpoint, rather than groups that made three-chord music that spoke to my teenage angst. At one point when I was about 16, an adult I knew called me "Mr. Mojo Rising" because of my affinity for the group, perhaps the only of the many nicknames I have been given in my life that I did not initially hate, including my current nom de plume.

As the frontman, Jim Morrison was the unquestioned leader of The Doors, but Ray Manzarek's keyboard was the engine that drove the car that Morrison drove. Very few are musically gifted enough to play two instruments for a band and the same time, but that is exactly what Manzarek did, because the band had no bassist.

I hate piling on to random, often insignificant celebrities deaths, but Ray Manzarek and The Doors were neither random nor insignificant.

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  1. Well put. The Doors were a classic band and Ray had a big and often hidden part of their success.