Saturday, August 3, 2013

Villanova football season countdown: 28 is for Ray Ventrone

Ray Ventrone

Leading up to the opening game of the Villanova football season on August 31 against Boston College, Fact on Villanova Sports will be counting down the days between now and the beginning of the football season using the jersey numbers of Villanova football players of the past. For as many numbers as possible, effort will be taken to introduce players from the current team, with the exception of "important" players from the past.a Also, it's a ton of work to get pictures of all the players, so it may be incomplete. Oh well.   

Safety: 2001-2004

Rarely do you hear about coaches wanting players to be less physical in practice, but if Ray Ventrone went all out in practice, he would have knocked out every Villanova skill position player possible, because he hit that hard. Before getting injured against Penn during his senior year of 2004, Villanova had arguably the best defense in school history, but his injury absolutely devastated the team. Ventrone recovered from his injury, and looked good enough that he was signed by the New England Patriots, where he spent a few years on the practice squad before eventually making the active roster, including being active for Super Bowl XLII and making what looked at the time to be a game saving tackle on a kickoff. Ray's younger brother Ross later came to Villanova, and was a starter at safety on the 2009 National Championship team. Ray currently plays for the San Francisco 49ers after a stint with the Cleveland Browns.

Career Stats:
251 Tackles
19 Tackles For Loss
2 Sacks
11 Pass Breakups 
1 Interception
5 Forced Fumbles
4 Fumble Recoveries

2013 player wearing this number: Chris Burley

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