Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another striking example of Villanova's PR laziness

Collegiate Record Holders

Recently I was watching an "Ask the AD" session with Vince Nicastro, and he said something about Villanova's commitment to Olympic sports, including track & field and cross country. It would be worth it to point out that Villanova's most recent national championships, both team and individual have come from women's cross country, but the athletic department has yet to even list rosters for those teams, despite the fact that the listed beginning of the Villanova cross country season is only six days away.

Now, this would be acceptable, if someone on his own time didn't do a better job of covering Villanova track and cross country.

You'd think that the athletic department would be privy to the information.

Also, they haven't posted an updated list of men's school records in a decade. It's kind of annoying.

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  1. Track and Field/Cross county, on both the men's and women's side, is the best program in Villanova history.

    Arguably right now, womens CC is the top program. I'd argue in the past decade in terms of success and consistency (not how much money is donated/brought in):

    1. W. Track/CC
    2. M. Lacrosse
    3. MBB
    4. Football* (if you want to count them since they are AA and not big east)
    5. M. Track/CC

    the rest of our sports are not very deserving of ranking.