Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Radnor's obstructionism is offensive and uncivilized

As you may have already heard, Radnor's board of commissioners punted Villanova's revised zoning proposal back to the zoning commission last night, where it has already been rejected once, presumably so that it can be rejected again by a group of people who are wont to give nothing to Villanova, even if it is sorely needed.

Let's start with the obvious: Villanova needs new on campus housing. Not only do locals dislike having students live in their midst to the extent that they have created local ordinances that make it very difficult for students to rent houses or apartments. Their police frequently harass any car with a Villanova bumper sticker, and regularly arrest Villanova students for public drunkenness, even when they're doing the right thing and walking home from a local bar instead of doing the irresponsible thing, which is driving, or getting a ride from someone else who is drunk.

It is time for Radnor's residents and commissioners to grow the fuck up and allow Villanova to move forward with their eminently reasonable plans. Unless there are 180 year old residents of any of these neighborhoods, Villanova was there when these NIMBYs moved in. If they don't like the school that was in their neighborhoods when they moved in, they can take their immature "NoVU" stickers and their smear campaigns and move to a place where they won't have to be inconvenienced by college students anymore. 


  1. Seriously, when you move back to New Jersey or New York or some other eastern seaboard state, the residents of Radnor will still have to deal with Villanova. I am an alumnus of Villanova and a nearby neighbor. The University has been evasive about increased enrollment. Really how many upperclassmen want to live in a dorm? So increase the number of freshman admitted to fill the vacant dorms and they will be living in the neighborhoods two years later. Good plan. No Peace and Justice when it comes to the people of Radnor. Just the same sophomoric comments from the Villanova community I heard in the late 60's and early 70's when I attended. I seem to remember hearing about the bridge over Lancaster Pike or was it a tunnel back then also.
    I feel the university has a long way to go to smooth relations with the locals. It is amazing as someone sympathetic to Villanova to watch the ham handed way they deal with the neighbors and the township. The entire public relations/communications staff should be fired and replaced with professionals.

    1. The author grew up and has lived his whole life in the Villanova community... I wouldn't consider him and NJ/NY resident looking in on the situation

    2. Villanova is a great institution. We will build on the main lot, spend tens of millions on landscaping that doesn't make campus look any better and minimize athletics for the greater good! Now, quiet down and let the DUI lawyer I've hired to handle this matter explain this to you...

  2. The author grew up and has lived his whole life in the Villanova community... I wouldn't consider him and NJ/NY resident looking in on the situation

  3. The people of Radnor are being completely irrational in this matter. Shame really.