Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Villanova-Towson primer

In 2012, the only conference team that truly battered Villanova was  Towson, who came to the Main Line and imposed their will, winning the game 49-35, their point total being the highest opponent point total against the 'Cats in the entire season. The loss was Villanova's second in a row to the tigers, who they had beaten four times in a row dating back to the 2007 season.On Saturday, Villanova will try to prevent that streak from becoming three, as they travel to Maryland to take on an undefeated, third ranked Towson team.

Unfortunately for Villanova, there is two things working against them. The first is that they are the road team, and games away from Villanova Stadium have been problematic for the good guys this season, as they have lost both of them. Also, there may be some lingering resentment among Towson players for being left out of the playoffs in lieu of Villanova last season, even though their misfortune was the result of an established tiebreaker procedure.

Villanova cannot make mistakes in this game. Turnovers, penalties, drops, mental errors and the like will not bode well for them, so hope they come prepared.

The game will be on NBC Sports Network this Saturday at 7 PM.

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