Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Villanova may actually be underperforming so far this season

 Ryan Arcidiacono: Shuffling so far

Three games into the Villanova season, we're seeing something we haven't seen since 2009: Truly elite defensive play coupled with passable play on the offensive end. While I have no idea that the play defensively will be sustainable against better competition, I'm almost certain that the team's offensive performance has room for improvement, because as a team, they are only shooting 27.5% from three point range, and 70.5% from the free throw line. Both of those numbers would be the lowest of the Jay Wright era. The free throw number will improve because Darrun Hilliard is only shooting 50% from the line, when he shoots better than 70% from the line for his career, and Ryan Arcidiacono, who is good to easily make 80% of his free throws has only had ten attempts from the line. The three point number is skewed by the fact that Arcidiacono is only making 18% of his threes, and JayVaughn Pinkston has only converted on one of eight of his three point attempts, which is eighth most on the team.

Now, I do think that Villanova will regress in some areas. For example, I do not think that they will continue to shoot nearly 48% from the field, or limit their turnovers to fewer than 12 per game, because those numbers would both be the best numbers of Jay Wright's tenure at Villanova. I don't however think that either of those areas will regress to the point that the inevitable free throw and three point shooting improvements will be nullified.

Good times for Villanova fans, and beat Delaware.

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