Saturday, November 2, 2013

Playing division two teams at the Wells Fargo Center: Always stupid

So tonight, Villanova takes part in one of their dumber annual traditions by hosting a division two opponent, this time West Chester at the Wells Fargo Center for an exhibition game. I have long been on record as saying this is a stupid idea in years past, and 2013 is no difference.

Now, every time I write one of these posts, I get comments about the underprivileged kids they get to send to these games through charity and whatnot, and it only reaffirms my view that these games are a stupid idea. If you want to donate Villanova tickets to an underprivileged kid, send them to a real game, because donating tickets to a meaningless exhibition game against a local division two school is the equivalent of donating heart of palm at a canned food drive.

New rule of thumb for Villanova: Don't play games at the Wells Fargo Center that wouldn't be sellouts at the Pavilion.

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  1. They should play these games at Jake Nevin