Monday, December 23, 2013

Festivus Airing of Villanova grievances

Today is Festivus, a glorious holiday that is celebrated every December 23. The celebration of Festivus is begun with the airing of grievances, where you tell everyone all the ways that they have disappointed you in the previous year.

Here are my Villanova related grievances.
  1. Radnor Township for always getting into the way of Villanova's reasonable plans for expansion. God forbid they want to make Lancaster Avenue look better and move their students onto campus. 
  2. Injuries for severely hampering Villanova's chance of making it back into the playoffs in football. 
  3. Syracuse, Pitt, and BC for killing the Big East. 
  4. The Villanova band for always playing the same songs, never learning anything new, and frequently being shown up by the bands of opposing teams. 
  5. The rest of the Big East for not pulling its fucking weight in the non-conference season. 
  6. People who still deny that Jay Wright is Villanova's single greatest asset.
  7. Paul Rosier for being a fun sponge
  8. Radnor Township again, because fuck you guys. 

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