Friday, December 13, 2013

Trying to temper expectations, and failing miserably

The Villanova basketball team is off to one of the best starts in program history, climbing to #10 in the AP poll, and is ranked even higher by metrics that tend to have better predictive value, making me more excited than I have been about the team on a game to game since 2006.

Is it time to take a step back?

Should we be secretly hoping that the team has a massive let down game in the next few weeks?

Is it possible that the team is going to get even better?

The way I'm seeing things so far, and being the neurotic mess that I tend to be, I think that it's not just possible, but probable that this team is not playing up to its full potential, especially with Ryan Arcidiacono playing so relatively poorly on the offensive side, sub-par free throw shooting, and a complete lack of anything from Daniel Ochefu so far. Those three factors combined with the team's pornographic defensive efficiency stats are things that make me optimistic.

I so desperately want to temper my expectations, but it's getting harder and harder every day, especially when I see that college basketball at the top is not all that great this season.

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