Friday, December 6, 2013

What should Villanova do with Arcidiacono? Look to Corey Fisher

When a team starts out 8-0, there generally shouldn't be that much to worry about, right? Well, when a player who was expected to be the team's best perimeter player happens to be shooting under 23% from three point range, something must be done to remedy the problem, especially when he has capable understudies who are outplaying him.

Yes, I am advocating that Jay Wright move Ryan Arcidiacono to the bench and make him earn back his position on the floor. 

In 2009, when Corey Fisher was a sophomore, Jay Wright benched him. It wasn't because Fisher was a bad player, or anything like that, it was because by taking Fish out at the beginning of games, he was able to insert Reggie Redding into the lineup. Since Redding provided that team with a little bit of extra length, it was worthwhile to sacrifice Fisher's offensive abilities when the other team had a big lineup on the floor. Despite being given less minutes would have as a starter, Fisher thrived in the sixth man role, having what may have been the best season of his career. 

Similar to 2009, Jay Wright has the advantage of having more than one competent point guard and a deep bench. There are three or four players that could use an immediate uptick in playing time, and as long as Ryan Arcidiacono is playing 32 minutes a game, those extra minutes will be difficult to budget without hurting the team given the fact that the rest of the starting lineup is playing exceptionally well. 

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