Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pre-Game News Clippings From 1985

This is just a small sampling of the massive archives on Google.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

28 Years Ago Tonight: Bring On Georgetown

In historical context, this is the game where Gary McLain would later claim that he was high on cocaine during.

Game recap

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Four Years Ago Tonight: Scottie Becomes A Legend

I'll forever remember this night. If you weren't on campus, you seriously missed out. One of the few times in Villanova history where I can honestly say that I would rather be somewhere other than the game.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Jay Wright Silly Season

In professional sports, the offseason is frequently referred to as the "silly season" due to the comical nature that the onslaught of unsubstantiated rumors take on.

Villanova fans are used to a "silly season" of their own. Whenever Villanova experiences a modicum of success, Jay Wright becomes a hot commodity in coaching vacancies. I personally think that Jay has no interest in leaving Villanova anytime in the near future. He has job security, he's paid reasonably well, he's close to where he grew up, and this is basically where he got his start in the coaching profession, at least as a serious assistant coach. That being said, it is a business, and Jay is an asset that Villanova cannot afford to part with. This is why I think it's time to open up the checkbook and sign him to a long term contract extension that makes him one of the highest paid college basketball coaches in the country. Such a move would give the fan base peace of mind while also show to outsiders that the school is willing to invest in its program and take care of its own.

Jay Wright has been the face of Villanova University for a decade now. It's time to make sure he is that for another decade.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Four Years Ago Tonight: Duke Gets A Whooping

What a night. What a beatdown. That was the night that this blog's traffic grew exponentially.

 How many beers did you drink that night?

Game Recap 

Our coverage (which still draws a lot of searches for people looking for gay porn)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Go Home Mardy Fish, You're Drunk

Maybe if you hadn't been beaten by Nicolas Massu in Athens I would feel different.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

28 Years Ago Tonight

28 years ago tonight, the Villanova Wildcats beat the Brad Daugherty-led North Carolina 56-44 to advance to the Final Four for the first time since 1971 and the first time under Rollie Massimino.

For the Wildcats, Harold Pressley led the way with 15 points while Dwayne McClain and Gary McLain had 11 points each. Harold Jensen scored all of his ten points in the second half. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

This Happened

After watching Louisville treat Colorado State like a high school team, it's hard to believe that Villanova beat that team just two months ago.

Friday, March 22, 2013


Thanks for being a warrior for four years Mouph. One of the all time good guys to wear a Villanova uniform. You've done all of us proud.

Play him off Billy Joe:

Dylan Ennis Featured in Seventeen Magazine

Dylan Ennis: Seventeen Magazine loves him.

I would like to think of myself as the ninth hottest semi-anonymous college sports blogger on the internet.

Villanova-UNC Betting Line

Villanova is +4.5 against UNC. On a neutral court that sounds about right.

Best of luck with your betting ladies and gentlemen

Beat UNC.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Hearty Farewell To Pitt

It's been nice knowing you. I hope it's fun being a multiple sport doormat in that new conference of yours.

Jay Wright is Optimistic

So a team that's mostly freshmen and sophomores is acting like they've there before?

In reality, only Bell, Yarou, and Sutton have played in NCAA Tournament games.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Villanova-UNC Game Breakdown

Interesting that Seth Greenberg is breaking down this matchup for ESPN.. I thought he only did the NIT.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Villanova's NCAA Tournament Odds

So you're telling me there's a chance?

According to the newly released Log5 for NCAA Tournament teams from Ken Pomeroy, Villanova has a roughly .05% chance of winning the national championship. The good news is that it sees the game against UNC as a winnable game for Villanova, even if the Tar Heels have an edge.

Villanova's NCAA Tournament odds according to Log5:

Round of 32: 42.2%
Sweet Sixteen: 11.3% 
Elite Eight: 4.0% 
Final Four: 0.8% 
Title game: 0.2% 
Cutting the nets: 0.05%

What Time is the Villanova-North Carolina Game?

The Villanova-UNC game has been announced for 7:20 PM on Friday, March 22nd.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

For Villanova, Only One Set of Opinions Matter

Today and yesterday, I've seen Villanova fans all bent out of shape about how noted credit card thief Douglas Michael Gottlieb thinks that the 'Cats may not make it into the NCAA Tournament, or that he thinks that they don't deserve to make it in or something along those general lines. My response to those people is simple: stop caring what talking heads are saying, because by listening, you are validating their relevance. If they are relevant, they retain their jobs. If they lose their relevance, there is no way they keep their jobs. There's this thing called the market, and it's a glorious thing.

Stop listening to these people, watching their TV shows and giving page views to the trollish articles they write online.

Only one set of opinions matters to Villanova and that's the selection committee. Anything else should be white noise.

Villanova Pitcher Strikes Out 18 Batters in One Game

Pat Young, who is serving as the Villanova baseball team's Friday night starter this year is already on the radar of MLB scouts, so I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that he struck out a staggering 18 batters last night. What is surprising is that he did it in only seven innings, and in one of those innings, Chicago State, the opposing team grounded out three times, so Young ostensibly had 18 strikeouts in six innings.

Here's a video of Young talking about his performance yesterday:

With college pitchers you want guys who don't just have good stuff, but dominate their competition. 18 strikeouts and zero walks in seven scoreless innings qualifies as dominating. If he keeps this up, Young could be an early draft pick this June.

Friday, March 15, 2013

This Day In 1985

On this day in 1985, Villanova beat future Big East rival Dayton in the first round of the NCAA tournament 51-49. A layup with 71 seconds remaining by sophomore guard Harold Jensen gave Villanova a lead that they would not relinquish in the game, which was the first step on their road to winning the National Championship.

Good thing that Jensen didn't transfer after his freshman year.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Villanova Loses to Louisville

Turnovers are bad, mmkay?

Turnovers are not a good thing, and Villanova had far too many of them, 24 to be exact. JVP and Mouph finished in double figures, Darrun Hilliard had seven turnovers, and Ryan Arcidiacono made only one of his eight field goal attempts all game. Thus ends Villanova's run in the final good Big East Tournament.

A not so bad thing to take from this game is that Louisville is probably the best defensive team in America, and they look like they have all the makings of a Final Four team. Another thing this loss does is get Villanova out of an 8/9 game in the NCAA tournament, something we do not want.

Beat whoever.

Villanova +9.5

Villanova are 9.5 point dogs on a neutral court against Louisville. That's a better line than last time.

Villanova-St. John's Highlights

Beat Louisville

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Absolutely, Unequivocally In: Villanova Beats St. John's

Feels good to win.

Feels good to beat a team whose head coach wears sneakers every game (I don't care if he had cancer)

Finally, it feels good to make the NCAA Tournament.


Mouphtaou Yarou led all scorers with 18 points. Ryan Arcidiacono had 15, and JayVaughn Pinkston had 12. For a nice game recap, read the live blog from earlier tonight.

20 wins, bitches.

Beat Louisville.

Live Blog: Villanova-St. John's

9:19 PM: BALLGAME: Villanova beats St. John's by a score of 66-53.

9:17 PM: St. John's with a meaningless foul with 15.7 seconds left.

9:16 PM: Less than a minute left. Ryan Arcidiacono nails two free throws to put Villanova up by 14, 65-51

9:14 PM: Jamal Branch fouls out with 1:19 left in the game. JayVaughn Pinkston makes both free throws to put Villanova up 63-49.

9:11 PM: Villanova leads 61-49 after Ryan Arcidiacono makes two free throws with 1:53 left.

9:02 PM: Official timeout. Villanova leads 57-45 with 3:50 left. 7-0 run for the Wildcats. 

9:00 PM: Villanova leads 56-45 with 4:41 left.

8:54 PM: Official timeout. Villanova leads 52-45 with 6:54 left in regulation.

8:51 PM: Steve Lavin calls timeout with Villanova up 50-45, 7:14 left. 

8:41 PM: Villanova leads 40-38 with 10:26 left.

8:35: Villanova leads 40-35 with 11:48 left in regulation. Official timeout.

8:30 PM: Villanova on a 7-0 run, making it 38-33 in favor of the 'Cats.

More after the jump

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rematch: Villanova-St. John's Primer

When Villanova beat St. John's earlier in the season, it was a bit of a surprise at the time. In hindsight, it wasn't so much of a surprise and they probably shouldn't have needed overtime to do so.

Tomorrow night's game is a bit more complicated, because even though Villanova is the road team, D'Angelo Harrison, SJU's leading scorer will be out of the game as he was suspended for the remainder of the season a little bit over a week ago. This is good news for Villanova, since Harrison scored a game high 36 points in their previous meeting. Harrison was literally the only offensive threat from the perimeter for a team that is abjectly horrible at shooting the ball, so his presence is obviously missed on the offensive side of things.

St. John's is a decent defensive team. About as good as Villanova, but the offensive gap is to the point where Villanova has a clear advantage if they don't play poorly. Hopefully the crowd is something close to 50/50 and St. John's fans have become apathetic about this season, because a win in this game would go a long way towards Villanova's seeding in the NCAA Tournament, which is basically all they're playing for now.

Beat the Johnnies.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Big East Tournament: Where Amazing Happens

What a gem by Sean Donovan.

Really excited for the Big East Tournament, you guys.

NFL Draft : Devon Bridges Highlight Film

I don't think that Bridges has a chance to get drafted, but he's a very good player who can rush the passer and I think he will at least get a mini camp look where he can prove himself.

Also, I Against I by Massive Attack and Mos Def is a dope song.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Seventh is Better Than Twelfth

 Pay the man

Much has been said on these pages about the vast improvement that this team has shown over the season, but it is not enough. Villanova lost the two highest scorers from a horrible team that won 13 games all season, and only five in Big East play. Last season was clearly the low point of the Jay Wright era, a period that spoiled Villanova fans with a sustained period of success that was perhaps unparalleled in the history of the program, especially in the era of college sports as big business. On Wednesday evening, Villanova opens up the Big East Tournament as the seventh seed against St. John's, the tenth seed, who they beat earlier in the season, and a team that was picked to finish two spots ahead of them in the preseason poll, where Villanova was picked to finish twelfth.

Obviously, seventh is better than twelfth. It's time to bow down to the mantle of Jay Wright and offer him a 15 year contract extension.

Beat the johnnies.

Arcidiacono and Pinkston Honored by BIG EAST Coaches

Today, Villanova announced that Ryan Arcidiacono was voted unanimously to the Big East all-rookie team, and JayVaughn Pinkston was named to the all-Big East third team.

Here are all the players honored:

Shabazz Napier, Connecticut, G, Jr., 6-1, 171, Roxbury, Mass.
*Otto Porter, Jr., Georgetown, F, So., 6-8, 205, Sikeston, Mo.
Gorgui Dieng, Louisville, C, Jr., 6-11, 245, Kebemer, Senegal
Russ Smith, Louisville, G, Jr., 6-0, 165, Briarwood, N.Y.
Jack Cooley, Notre Dame, F, Sr., 6-9, 246, Glenview, Ill.
Bryce Cotton, Providence, G, Jr., 6-1, 165, Tucson, Ariz.

Sean Kilpatrick, Cincinnati, G, Jr., 6-4, 221, White Plains, N.Y.
Vander Blue, Marquette, G, Sr., 6-4, 200, Madison, Wisc.
Jerian Grant, Notre Dame, G, Jr., 6-5, 202, Bowie, Md.
Michael Carter-Williams, Syracuse, G, So., 6-6, 185, Hamilton, Mass.
C.J. Fair, Syracuse, F, Jr., 6-8, 215, Baltimore, Md.

Markel Starks, Georgetown, G, Jr., 6-2, 175, Accokeek, Md.
Peyton Siva, Louisville, G, Sr., 6-0, 185, Seattle, Wash.
Tray Woodall, Pittsburgh, G, Sr., 6-0, 190, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Brandon Triche, Syracuse, G, Sr., 6-4,210, Jamesville, N.Y.
JayVaughn Pinkston, Villanova, F, So., 6-6, 240, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Davonte Gardner, Marquette, F, Jr., 6-8, 290, Suffolk, Va.
Kadeem Batts, Providence, F, Jr., 6-9, 245, Powder Springs, Ga.
JaKarr Sampson, St. John's, F, Fr., 6-8, 204, Barberton, Ohio
Fuquan Edwin, Seton Hall, F, Jr., G-F, 6-6, 205, Paterson, N.J.

Omar Calhoun, Connecticut, G, Fr., 6-5, 195, Brooklyn, N.Y.
D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, Georgetown, G, Fr., 6-3, 227, Indianapolis, Ind.
Steven Adams, Pittsburgh, C, Fr., 7-0, 250, Roturua, New Zealand
Chris Obekpa, St. John's, C, Fr., 6-9, 223, Makurdi, Nigeria
*JaKarr Sampson, St. John's, F, Fr., 6-8, 204, Barberton, Ohio
*Ryan Arcidiacono, Villanova, G, Fr., 6-3, 195, Langhorne, Pa.

*Denotes unanimous selection.
^Due to a tie in the voting, an additional position was named.

No real surprises on there. I thought that Mouphc could have at least made honorable mention, but it's not too bad.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Villanova: Transitive Big East Champions!

Villanova has a 3-0 record this season against Louisville, Georgetown, and Marquette, the three teams that tied for the Big East regular season title.


Friday, March 8, 2013

A Remarkable Recent Trend

Early on in Villanova's season, especially when they were playing decent to good teams, the story was that of a lot of turnovers. They were turning the ball over at a much greater rate than they were forcing turnovers. That still reflects on the season statistics, as they are -10 in turnover margin for the season. However, in the last six games, which started with the win over UConn in Hartford on February 16th, they have had 71 turnovers compared to 103 for their opponents, a margin of +32.

Villanova turnovers by game since 2/16

Villanova   Opponent
at Uconn 13 19
Rutgers 7 12
Marquette 10 19
at Seton Hall 17 19
at Pitt 8 12
Georgetown 16 22

71 103

Prior to February 16th, Villanova was averaging 16.16 turnovers per game, but since then, they are averaging 11.83, bringing their season average down by almost one full turnover per game. On the other end of the floor, Villanova's opponents were averaging 14.48 turnovers per game before 2/16, but have been averaging 17.17 per game since then, bringing the Villanova opponent's season average up more than half a turnover per game over that span.

So a conclusion to be drawn here is that Villanova is playing more aggressive defense right now than they had been all season, while also protecting the ball better. That is great news, and one would expect this trend to continue, especially against teams that are basically evenly matched.

Jay Wright Post-Georgetown Press Conference

It's a good day to be a Villanova fan, you guys.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Most Enthusiastic Guys Ever

Would you react that way if you scored a combined one point after 31 team games? I think not. Those three (Henry Lowe, Nick McMahon, and Patrick Farrell) are awesome. Dylan Ennis is quite enthusiastic too, but he's actually going to play next year.

h/t VUHoops among others, who probably yanked it from them.

Villanova-Georgetown Highlights

Villanova Basketball - 2013 Return To Glory

Sean Donovan comes up with what may be his best work yet.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

HOYA SAKA: A Villanova-Georgetown Primer


In the last home game of the regular season, Villanova will take on Georgetown tomorrow night in a game that has very real consequences with regards to Villanova's NCAA Tournament hopes. With a win, Villanova is unequivocally in the NCAA Tournament by virtue of all their quality wins. A loss and it gets a bit murkier. The problem is that Georgetown is a very good team. Not as good as Pitt, Louisville, or Syracuse, because they're an offensively deficient team, but they are still very good nonetheless.

So, what makes Georgetown good?

There is no answer to this other than Otto Porter, who should be the unanimous Big East player of the year. Why is that? Well, he scores more than 25% of his team's points and leads his team in rebounding and steals, while also being a fairly prolific shot-blocker, and is shooting the lights out in all areas. Luckily for Villanova and the rest of the future Big East, they won't have to deal with Otto after this year, because he'll be off to the NBA if he isn't a complete moron.

Can Villanova win this game?

Surprisingly, yes, because while Georgetown plays excellent defense, they turn the ball over a lot on offense and don't shoot free throws very well. Georgetown can also shoot though, and that's a problem for the Wildcats, because they tend to struggle immensely against teams that can shoot.

Beat Georgetown.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Villanova Might Be Better Off In The NIT

I normally would never take this position, because the difference in the money involved is enormous, but I don't really see how making the NCAA Tournament would serve Villanova any better than a deep run in the NIT. I say this for one reason: the additional practice time. The chances are that Villanova will not make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament, but they're more than equipped to make a deep run in the NIT, especially if they get a few home games in the tournament.

Practice ends when the season ends, so if the season ends later, that means more practice and the most likely way of making that happen is to end up in the NIT. I think that might be desirable.

Just something to chew on.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Let's Be Real Here

First off, big wins carry out much more weight than bad losses when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. That's important because Villanova has multiple big wins and multiple bad losses. Secondly, this season, the quality of teams in college basketball, especially those on the bubble is severely lacking.

So what must Villanova do to get in? Likely not much more aside from win in the first round of the Big East Tournament. They need to be competitive against Georgetown, a win would be nice, but anything less than a blowout would be entirely satisfactory.

So no blowout against Georgetown and no loss to a bad team in the Big East Tournament will likely be enough for Villanova to at least get a play-in game.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Villanova's Rob Denault Runs Sub-Four Minute Mile


According to the Villanova athletic department, Rob Denault, a sophomore from Aurora, Ontario is the 35th Wildcat to break the mythical four minute barrier. This comes after he came withing five hundredths of a second of doing the same earlier in the season in a meeting at Penn State.

Also, the website that posted the video is charging for that shitty camera work. 

A Win Would Be Nice? Villanova-Pitt Primer

It would have been really nice if Villanova had beaten Seton Hall and wouldn't have to worry about treating this away game against one of the best teams in the country as an important one, but they did lose in Mola Ram-esque fashion and the Pitt game is this important. To be safe, they must win one of the next two games, either tomorrow away or on Wednesday at home against Georgetown, and both teams are much better than Seton Hall. 

So what must Villanova do to win this game? Well, first, they need to score more than 43 points like they did last time. The outcome of the game will be much more likely to be favorable if the game is higher scoring than it would if Pitt was able to dictate the pace, because generally when their opponent scores more than 70 points, Pitt loses, and when Villanova scores 70 points, they almost always win. The problem for Villanova is that neither of those things happens very often, and Villanova's offense isn't one that is likely to push the score unless Jay Wright turns into Paul Westhead overnight.

Now for some player notes/keys to the game.
  1. Mouphtaou Yarou not only scored his 1000th point against SHU, but he's also climbing his way up the school's career rebounding list. While he's nowhere near the titans, he's approaching some of the more recognizable and recent names.
  2. As I wrote about a few days ago, Ryan Arcidiacono is having a season that has been excellent from a historical perspective as far as Villanova freshmen are concerned.
  3. Darrun Hilliard: beast.
  4. One thing that cannot happen in this game is JayVaughn Pinkston fouling out. When that happened earlier in the week, it rendered the Villanova offense completely flaccid.
  5. Villanova must play better three point defense tomorrow than they did in Newark.
Beat Pitt.

Friday, March 1, 2013

My Favorite Villanova Team (It's Not Who You Think)

There was something special about the 2008 Villanova basketball team. They were infuriating, inconsistent, young, but most of all, they were a hell of a lot of fun to watch. From the time Malcolm Grant willed Villanova back into a game they were losing against a horrible LSU team to the 18 point comeback against Clemson in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, that team was just a gas. They made it to the Sweet 16 despite a mid-season five game losing streak where they lost every game by double figures. It was the toughness demonstrated by that bunch along with the late season emergence of Dante Cunningham as a star that made the 2008 team my favorite.

Oh yeah, and Scottie Reynolds.

Once again, big ups to the indispensable Sean Donovan for the video.