Friday, January 10, 2014

Is Ryan Arcidiacono back in form?

In terms of scoring volume, Ryan Arcidiacono's first three conference games don't look to be all that spectacular, as he's averaging ten points per game, including an overtime game where he logged 39 minutes of playing time, but other than that, it is unquestionably his best stretch of the season, as he is shooting 57% from the field, 46% from three point range, leading the team in assists and steals, and not turning the ball over excessively.

Of course, this is an incredibly small sample size, and we'll learn a lot more as that sample size grows, but any improvement by Ryan is absolutely pivotal for this team to have sustained success, and this season we have already seen a great improvement by him both defensively and in terms of protecting the ball. Also, it's worth noting that last season, his numbers in conference play last season were substantially better than they were in non-conference play, so we'll see if that was fluky or if it's a pattern we can come to expect.

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