Monday, January 13, 2014

Is Ryan Arcidiacono really that much better in Big East play?

An interesting statistic from Ryan Arcidiacono's career is how much better he has been at shooting in conference play during his career, and it's not by a small margin, it's pretty significant. So far in Big East play, he has been shooting 71% from the floor, which is frankly unsustainable, but even if he reverts to his career averages, it will still be enough to substantially improve on his out of conference numbers for this season, and his career.  

2012-2013 OOC:
FG: 44/145 (30.3%)
2P: 13-39 (33.3%)
3P: 31-106 (29.2%)

2012-2013 Big East:
FG- 62-164 (37.8%)
2P- 22-53 (41.5%)
3P- 40-111 (36%)

2013-2014 OOC:
FG: 35-99 (35.4%)

2P: 19-32 ( 59.4%)
3P: 16-67 (23.9%)

2013-2014 Big East:
FG: 14-24 (58.3%)

2P:  5-7 (71.4%)
3 Pt.: 9-17 (52.9%)

As you can see, that is a substantial difference in all facets. It's amazing how good Villanova was for the first two months of the season with Ryan playing that poorly. If he shoots his career averages, the rest of the way, Villanova is a top five team, especially given his improvements in the other areas of his game. If he substantially improves on last season's averages from Big East play, Villanova is a national contender. 

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