Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reconciling Ryan Arcidiacono's playing time vs. Josh Hart's

After the Syracuse game, I posted (in jest) a missing poster of Ryan Arcidiacono, because he has been simply baffling in his sophomore campaign. He's shooting historically poorly from the outside, has regressed significantly from the free throw line, and has been the team's worst defender/least efficient guard. Now, I'm willing to accept that Arcidiacono is never going to be a lock down defender, because they tend to be long or athletic or both, and he is neither, but if he is not better offensively than Tony Chennault, then he is in no way justifying the fact that he is getting more minutes than any other player on the team. This is not a matter of having high expectations for Ryan, because I felt that his playing time in his (very good) freshman season was too much.

Also compounding things is that Josh Hart, who has unquestionably been one of the team's top five players this season is getting ten (!!!) fewer minutes per game than Arcidiacono, but is still scoring more points per game. I understand that the two play different positions, but Jay frequently says that he wants the best five players to be on the floor the majority of the time. Well, in this case, Ryan Arcidiacono has been probably the team's eighth best player, but is getting the most minutes of anyone, so it's time for Jay to put his money where his mouth is.

Beat Providence.

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