Monday, February 10, 2014

You should sign this petition

 That's more like it

For a decade or so, signs and rollouts have been completely banned from Villanova basketball games. In typical Villanova fashion, this rule exists for purely reactionary reasons, as Villanova students made a rollout treferencing former SJU(PA) guard Jameer Nelson that was deemed to be profane. Since then, the student sections of Villanova games have not been the same. Recently however, there has been new life among the students, with the band leading songs and just general loudness that had been lacking for quite some time, especially in the awful spectacle that happened in the game that Villanova hosted College Gameday.

Now, the Augustinian Army is trying to bring back the signs and have started a petition to try to persuade Villanova to accommodate them. Now I would like to implore you to sign this petition. Maybe a return to the rollouts will wake up the old quiet people who sit on either side of the court.

Beat DePaul.

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