Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gina Procaccio Penn Relays press conference tidbits

I just want to preface it with the fact that I particularly enjoy interviews or press conferences with Gina Procaccio, because she's extremely light on the usual coach bullshit talk.

Here's your quick rundown:
  • The plan is to run all three distance relays. The DMR on Thursday, the 4x1500 on Friday, and the 4x800 on Saturday. 
  • Stephanie Schappert will be on at least two and possibly three relays this year, and Emily Lipari will likely anchor all three. None of the runners have been told which relays they will be on, but there are five girls who she's going to draw from. Editor's note: I'm just going to say that the five girls are Emily Lipari, Kelsey Margey, Angel Piccirillo, Nicky Akande, and Stephanie Schappert, with Michaela Wilkins as a sixth, running the 400 leg on the DMR.
  • The lineups were not yet finalized at the time of the presser, but they will be by Monday night, and the girls were informed of the lineups by Tuesday. 
  • The field is very deep. 
  • Gina says that the Penn Relays are an opportunity for the girls to practice racing without having to bother with a stopwatch.
  • Everyone on the team gets up for Penn Relays.
  • Emily Lipari's progression to a national champion was a four year process, and she's in the best shape of her life, most confident, etc. Emily likes to win, and won't bust her ass to finish third place. There is no Napoleonic complex with her desire to win.
  • Right now, the DMR on Thursday is the most important thing.
  • She doesn't make a habit of informing her runners of who is on the other teams. When Lipari kicked down Laura Roesler of Oregon, it was partially a function of her not knowing who Roesler was.
  • She says that she tells her runners that "This is our turf" and they should fight.
Fight indeed. One day from right now, I'll be at the Penn Relays!

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