Thursday, July 24, 2014

Villanova football season countdown: 36 is for...

Leading up to the opening game of the Villanova football season on August 29 against Syracuse, Fact on Villanova Sports will be counting down the days between now and the beginning of the football season using the jersey numbers of Villanova football players of the past and present. For as many numbers as possible, effort will be taken to introduce players from the current team, with the exception of "important" players from the past. Also, it's a ton of work to get pictures of all the players, so it may be incomplete. Oh well.

Gary Underwood

Running Back: 2012-Present

Former high school quarterback who is a part of a talented stable of Villanova running backs. If Villanova does any trick plays where someone other than the quarterback throws the ball, Underwood is likely to be that person. 

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