Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An Open Letter to Villanova Fans

Dear Villanova fans,

This is my semi-annual plea to you to attend Villanova football games. 

I know, Villanova football doesn't play "big time" college football, and it bothers me more than anyone that such a move did not happen in the late-90s when it was offered and subsequently discussed. This fact does not mean that Villanova football is an inferior product though. Andy Talley's program showcases the best quality football in the I-95 corridor, because Rutgers is a toilet, Temple perennially sucks, and Syracuse, as much as they would like to tell you that they are, is not in the I-95 corridor.

Judging by their all-around performance against Syracuse last Friday, this year's team has the potential to be a special one.  John Robertson has done things through his first two seasons that are unprecedented by any Villanova rusher or passer, he has a stud wide receiver in Poppy Livers, a capable offensive line, and the defense has arguably the deepest linebacker corps of the Andy Talley era. As demonstrated last Friday, the special teams are a bit of a work in progress, but that is the type of thing that will work itself out in time, especially with a team with a lot of kickers and that is generally well coached.

Go to games, and if you can't, and if financially feasible, buy season tickets anyways, the program deserves your support.



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