Sunday, September 7, 2014

UPDATED: Things looking bright for Villanova with Jalen Brunson

I normally only comment on recruiting when I have actionable intel on someone, like when Villanova was out of the Amile Jefferson sweepstakes, or when I'm talking about how stupid it is to cover recruiting. Well, today fits into the former category, as I was told yesterday by people who would know that after his visit to the school, Villanova is now a leading contender for Illinois point guard Jalen Brunson, the son of former Temple player Rick Brunson, and that he COULD commit by this week. The key word there is could.

Now is the time to temper your expectations and remind everyone that we are talking about a kid who only turned 18 a week ago, and 18-year-olds tend not to be the most decisive people on earth and that they are prone to changing their minds, but judging from the vibes coming from Team Brunson, it's looking pretty good at the moment. 

UPDATE: 9/8- Brunson will announce his decision between Villanova and Illinois at 5 PM Eastern this Wednesday.

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